Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Funny Festival Picstures

funny dead festival
There are many funny festivals all over the world. Its good entertainment and many people celebrated this festival with joy, happiness and many funny costumes. It is a festival for every. This is a not sad holiday on the country but it is a colorful festival. There are many people sprinkled with red and yellow petals on the way. The dead could follow the scent to return in the evening time. The villager’s person lit pumpkin lanterns at the door to lead the way for the dead. Person arrived corn soup, bread, pumpkin, sweets, chocolate, chili sauce and others offerings at the altar that the dead can enjoy.
It’s some few part of the funny dead festival. This day not matter of women, men and her ages. They can wear mask, clothes printed with the bones of the ghosts and they walk in the streets. People also enjoy with play music in the funny festival and some write poems and songs about skeletons to make fun of others. They take pride in being portrayed like fortunate skull and the character of the optimist and humorous attitude towards death. This festival is more popular and its good funny festival for all.

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